Diamond Archery Black Ice FLX Bow
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Diamond Archery Black Ice FLX Bow

Machine aluminum riser in Realtree Hardwoods Heavy Duty Gray camo set in 53 degree beyond parallel solid glass limbs design and comes with cable containment system and Flx-Guard cable.

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Retail Price:$800.00
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Diamond Archery Black Ice FLX Bow

25-30 draw length adjustments by rotating the inner cam module to give you 6 adjustments.Bow stocked in 29 draw length factory setting (draw length changed at dealer request $10 service charge added), Axle to Axle: 31 3 / 4, Brace Height: 7 1 / 4, IBO Speed: 310-318 fps, Kinetic Energy: 78.6 ft lbs. 65%-80% let-off adjustments on cam, silence hush kit included with each Diamond bow. Draw Length: 25-30

Park yourself behind the Black Ice and find yourself driven like never before. The Black Ice utilizes highly efficient 12", 53-degree beyond-parallel libms and optimized center cam mass placement to transfer an advanced percentage of stored energy to the arrow with absolute minimal hand shock and noise. The unique carbon shaft string supressor is directly in line with the stabilizer bushing to transfer vibration away from your hand. The Pinnacle4 Cam delivers unsurpassed smoothness throught the draw cycle and speeds well over 300FPS. A slender, two-piece grip, machined shelf trough and thumb groove, and repositioning of the arrow rest holes, combine to close the distance between your hand and the arrow. The result is reduced vertical torque, additional stability, and increased accuracy.

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