Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera System Kit
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Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera System Kit

The Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera System Kit features innovative "plug and play" technology that simplifies the process of taking and retrieving images of game in the field. The "hub" of the RCX Trail Camera System is an exclusive handheld USB Controller/Viewer, which plugs into the USB jack in the camera to give you complete control of your system. Get real-time alignment of the camera's view, instant access to all program settings and all of the images that have been captured.

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Product Details

Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera System Kit

    • In-the-field programming, viewing and downloading in real-time
    • Real-time video camera alignment
    • Super-wide 54 camera image angle
    • XD image quality
Swing the hunting odds in your favor with this innovative plug-and-play trail camera. Camera takes high-resolution color images during the day and infrared images at night, as well as video/audio option. The Dual Sensor Technology (DST) 10.0-megapixel camera has a 54-degree lens, 48 infrared LEDs with the option of 10 degrees of sensing coverage out to 90 ft. Dual Sensor Technology gives you the option to have the 45-degree sensor and the 10-degree sensor active at the same time. Includes a silent, digital shutter, blink of an eye (less than one second trigger speed), and operates on eight AA lithium batteries or alkaline batteries (not included). Durable, ABS/polycarbonate frame. The Controller/Viewer is required for programming and customizing your camera step-by-step. Control multiple cameras, download/view/edit photos in the field and align the camera in real-time. Customize image file type/size, picture quality, time lapse, operation hours and separate day/night settings.
Trail Camera System includes: camera, controller/viewer, 12-volt cable, car adapter, home adapter, USB cable, AA battery pack cartridge tray (batteries not included), lithium-ion battery (for the controller/viewer), six hex standoffs for mounting, a mounting strap and a lock-down security plate and screws.
Megapixels: 10.0.
Camera lens angle: 54.
PIR sensor angle: 45/10 Dual Sensor.
Maximum trigger range: 45 feet/90 feet.
Infrared LEDs: 48 or 36.
Video/Audio: Yes/Yes.
Barometric Pressure: Yes.
Trigger Speed: Less than one second.
Lock-Down Security Plate: Included.

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