Nikon 1.65-5x36 TurkeyPro BTR Shotgun Scope
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Nikon 1.65-5x36 TurkeyPro BTR Shotgun Scope

The ideal scope for the dedicated turkey hunter, Nikon's TurkeyPro BTR riflescope is calibrated for today's most popular turkey hunting loads. The scope is equipped with Nikon's exclusive Ballistic Turkey Reticle (BTR), which subtends a turkey's head from crown to wattles at 5x and 1.65x at 40 yards. This allows for clear target recognition and accurate shot placement, so you're virtually guaranteed to bring a turkey home for dinner.

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Nikon 1.65-5x36 TurkeyPro BTR Shotgun Scope

The BTR reticle is designed to work as a ranging tool as well as an aiming device. The BTRs circle within a circle construction allows shooters to use convergence to know when a turkey steps into range. Hunters simply place the small circle, on low power, or the large circle, on high power, to cover or subtend the turkey from head to wattles at 40 yards. The center circle acts as the aiming point and allows the shooter to still see the exact target spot even on low power. The innovations with this turkey scope dont stop with the reticle system. Multicoated lens provides 92% Light Transmission for excellent low-light performance.
Available: Realtree APG

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