Wildgame Innovations AC5xc HD Vantage Action Camera
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Wildgame Innovations HD Vantage Action Camera

Wildgame Innovations AC5XC Hi-Definitions Infrared Action Cam features a highly informative LCD command console. The AC5XC can shoot at 720i HD Video. Digital video clips in WVGA at 848x480 or HD at 720i. The Action Cam has a resolution of 5.0 MP.

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Product Details

Wildgame Innovations AC5xc HD Vantage Action Camera

  • 720i HD Video Capability
  • Digital Video Clips in WVGA at 848x480 or HD at 720i
  • Resolution: 5.0 MP
  • Rapidx Photo Feature, Shoot Multiple High Speed Photos
  • Up to 4x Zoom
  • Infrared flash up to 40ft
  • Comes with 4 accessories to film your own hunt in HD

Wildgame Innovations has developed a line of in-line action cameras that are sure to help you capture the action of your outdoor activities on video. The Vantage AC5xC features an LCD command screen to help you find the perfect setting to capture all of the action and comes in a water resistant case so that you can film in nearly any weather condition. This camera will capture 5 MP still images and is also capable of 720i HD video. With up to a 4x zoom and an infrared flash range of up to 40 feet, this camera is sure to capture all of the action.

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