Barnett Ghost 400 CRT Crossbow Package
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Barnett Ghost 400 CRT Crossbow Package

The Ghost 400 CRT is one of the lightest bows Barnett has ever produced, weighing just over 7.5 pounds thanks to Carbon Riser Technology (CRT), which removes front-end weight and places the center of gravity at the end of the stock, while also boasting a five-to-one safety factor. Consequently, the bow shoulders with greater comfort and is easier to carry.

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Product Details

Barnett Ghost 400 CRT Crossbow Package

    • Lightweight Carbon Riser Technology
    • AVI-laminated limbs
    • Whiplash Cams
Its light weight and lightning-fast speed make it Barnetts most technologically advanced crossbow. Its Carbon Riser Technology (CRT) offers lightweight performance backed by the strength you demand on your hunts. Capitalize on the raw power behind its 400+ fps shooting speed. Its Metal Injection Molding trigger system has an anti-dry-fire system to ensure safety. Barnetts molded-over, AVI-laminated limbs reduce noise and vibration up to 30%. The all-aluminum flight track, Crosswire Strings and Whiplash Cams provide a smooth shot and compact fit. Smooth-shooting, all-aluminum extruded flight track.
Power stroke: 15.75".
Draw weight: 185 lbs.
Length: 38".
Width: 24".
Weight: 7.8 lbs.
Color: Black.

Barnett Ghost 400 CRT package includes: crossbow, quiver, four 22" Game Crusher carbon bolts, paper-sighted 3x32 illuminated scope, Cross Rope Cocking multitool and comfort-grip crossbow sling.

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