Berkley Lip Grip Digital Scale
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Berkley Lip Grip Digital Scale

Designed for safely landing and handling large toothy fish in both salt and fresh water, the Big Game Lip Grip is constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Ideal for quick and safe releases, it's equipped with a positive locking jaw action and comfortable handle. The integrated digital scale mounted to the 14-inch shaft weighs in pounds and ounces or in kilograms. To operate, simply pull back on the forward grip and the stainless jaws open, then let go when placed over a fish jaw.

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Berkley 14" Lip Grip Digital Scale

The powerful spring-action jaws in this tool grip fish securely. The non-slip foam handle and lanyard ensure a positive grip. Extremely lightweight, the 12" model weighs less than 11 ounces and includes a built-in measuring tape. The all-new digital model accurately displays weights up to 30 pounds, is fully water-resistant and shuts off automatically to preserve the 9-volt battery (not included). Grip swivels independently.

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