Buck Bomb Deer Scent Foggers
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Buck Bomb Deer Scent Foggers

The sniffing buck stops here! He stops right in front of you in perfect shooting distance because he's hunting for where that enticing smell is coming from. Your odds for landing that 12-point just got better! Dominant Buck - Encourages aggressive behavior during the rut. Doe Estrus - Excites bucks during pre-rut and rut.

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Product Details

Buck Bomb Deer Scent Foggers - 6 Cans

  • Strong cover scent
  • Wide dispersal range
  • Delivers scent up to 1/8 mile
  • Scent clings to cover for lasting effects
  • 3 Cans of Doe Estrus & 3 Cans of Dominant Buck
The strong cover and attractant scents and amazing dispersal range make the Buck Bomb a potent tool for any deer hunter. Used properly, this device can carry attractants into areas where the big, dominant bucks bed, tempting them to come out and take a peek. Even in a very light wind the Buck Bomb can send scent to the nostrils of a big deer 1/8 mile away. Each device empties its entire contents, eliminating calculations and guesswork. 5-oz. aerosol can.

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