Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro HD Game Surveillance System
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Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro HD Game Surveillance System

Harness the power of time lapse! Day 6 Outdoors PlotWatcher Pro Trail Cam delivers a full day's worth of scouting info in mere moments, in HD clarity! Where other game cams are triggered by a remote sensor, the PlotWatcher Pro snaps pics at regular intervals... as many as one every 5 seconds... capturing ALL the action from dusk to dawn, and presents them into a 10-minute HD time-lapse video.

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Product Details

Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro HD Game Surveillance System

    • Observe precise game entry and exit spots on fields
    • Records over 1 million frames of daytime video on eight AA batteries
    • 1280x720 HD video
    • Picture interval as fast as a picture every second
    • Includes video viewing and management software
The PlotWatcher Pro has ten times more battery life than the original PlotWatcher. The best battery life of any time-lapse camera on the market. Unlike trail cameras that trigger on short-range motion, the PlotWatcher Pro captures images of an area at specified time intervals regardless of how far the subject is from the camera. The greater field of view allows hunters to see animal travel patterns that would otherwise go undetected. With this ability, you can preview an area and make an educated decision about when and where to hunt. Images can be taken as fast as on per second from dawn until dusk, producing a HD video. With time-lapse video you can review a 12-hour day of activity in 2-3 minutes. Setup is easy. Insert a SD card (up to a 32GB). Turn on the PlotWatcher Pro and its ready to scout. 2-1/2" LCD screen provides simple on-board camera setup, video aiming and camera status messages. Temperature and moon-phase info shown on each image. Security-cable ready. Accepts add-on zoom lens. Includes GameFinder Software with MotionSearch that makes viewing your videos easy. Scroll frame by frame or view at the desired replay speed. Forward and reverse features let you review specific segments of video over and over again. The program also helps you build and share a library of HD video clips and pictures. Operates on eight AA batteries (not included).
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