Do-All White Wing Automatic Trap Thrower
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Do-All White Wing Automatic Trap Thrower

Part of Do-All Outdoors's line of target-practice gear, the White Wing automatic trap can hold up to 25 clay targets at a time and sports an auto-feeder that smoothly loads the targets onto an aluminum throwing arm. The trap throws the targets consistently between 65 yards and 80 yards, and the throwing angle can be adjusted between 5 degrees and 35 degrees.

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Product Details

Do-All White Wing Automatic Trap Thrower

  • Holds 25 standard clay targets
  • 5 to 35 adjustable angles
  • Throws standard targets up to 80 yards
One of the best, most efficient automatic traps you'll find. Ultrasmooth and stable, the White Wing is so quiet the only thing you'll hear is "Pull!." Dependably launches standard 108mm clay targets 80 yards. The targets load directly into the steel throwing arm. The unit is compatible with all Do-All Outdoors automatic trap accessories. It has a safety ring attachment, foot pedestal release and a 25-target auto feeder. Durable, powder-coated steel frame. Uses a 12-volt deep cycle battery (not included). Throws 5 to 35 adjustable angles. Assembles in minutes.

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