Flambeau MAD Spin-N-Strut Turkey Decoy
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Flambeau MAD Spin-N-Strut Turkey Decoy

Decoy movement can be key in harvesting wild turkeys. The MAD Sit-N-Strut offers just that. Not only does the decoy rotate 90 degrees, the full fan tail also raises, emulating a gobbler strutting for a receptive hen. With a simple manipulation of the string, one can pump the fantail up and down while simultaneously rotating the decoy. A release of pressure and the unique cam stake connection allows the decoy to return to its original position. The Spin-N-Strut utilizes a synthetic tail provided or allows the use of a real turkey fan for a more realistic look.

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Product Details

Flambeau MAD Spin-N-Strut Turkey Decoy

    • String raises and lowers fantail and rotates the decoy 90
    • Spool holds 35 yds of line
    • Sets up quickly
Don't just sit and watch a boss tom ignore your statuesque decoy. Take control with MAD's Spin-N-Strut Turkey Decoy. Simple manipulation of the attached string raises and lowers the fantail and rotates the decoy 90. Pump the fan to send that tom into full rumble mode. Release pressure on the string and decoy returns to its original position. Sets up quickly with included synthetic tail or add your own real turkey fan. Includes decoy and tail, stake, spool with 35 yds. of black decoy line and instructional DVD.

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