G7 5.5-22x50 NXS Rifle Scope by Nightforce Optics
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G7 5.5-22x50 NXS Rifle Scope - Nightforce

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G7 5.5-22x50 NXS Riflescope by Nightforce Optics

The G7 5.5-22 NXS rifle scope by Nightforce Optics, is the perfect optics platform for the Long Range Hunter. Bulls eyes are the primary objective for a riflescope. Not just optical quality, but crosshairs that are on target--every time. The perfect rifle scope is a complex design mating supreme optical elements with mechanical genius. Most rifle scopes are sold in the US by marketing companies. They worry about how their products look, and they talk about how clear the glass is. Pretty scopes might work for the weekend warrior shooting groups at 100 yards, but to shoot long range with accuracy, precision, and consistency, you need to have a rifle scope that maintains point of impact under the worst conditions possible. It must also have precise adjustments that remain precise--even after hundreds of cycles. The G7 is engineered and built to perform on the first shot, and it's tested tough right here in the USA by a technician that is also a shooter or hunter--just like you. This means perfect tracking and rock solid point of impact, which translate to better groups and more first shots in the bullseye.

For the most advanced ballistic compensation available anywhere, pair your G7 riflescope with the new BR2 rangefinder to compensate for bullet drop, air density changes and shot angle. Push one button, and dial your solution! For those interested in Ballistic Turrets, you can purchase a G7 Ballistic Turret that is calibrated for your specific cartridge and rifle. The BR2 will output either the MOA correction or a corrected Shoot To range for use with a Ballistic Turret.

With many companies, the design features of a rifle scope are worked out by marketing executives. Not with G7. We hunt and use products in extreme conditions. For us, the most important feature a scope can have is making the First Shot. With the G7 rifle scope, every important feature revolves around solid, rugged, repeatability.

  • Optically Indexed Lenses with proprietary coatings are matched and aligned by hand to provide the highest possible optical performance. You will definitely see the difference in low light situations.
  • Shockproof takes on a whole new meaning when all the optical elements are hand bedded with Nightforce Optics proprietary Mil-Spec bonding agent. Then further secured with orings and machined metal lock rings. This zero-tolerance system assures no movementeven with side impacts!
  • The G7 scope is fully Weatherproof to withstand the harshest environmental challenges. Every aspect is thoroughly tested and proven to give the best service in the worst conditions.
  • One Piece Tubes are manufactured on precise CNC equipment to maximize optical alignment, accuracy, and durability. The scope tubes are two to three times thicker than other rifle scopes offering a rigid chassis for the precise optical and mechanical elements housed inside. Less stress, and more thermal stability mean a more consistent zero and adjustments for a precise First Shot.
  • Long Range Adjustment System requires hardened silicon bronze and MOA, steel on steel clicks for the utmost in precision adjustments. The G7 scope also features 100 MOA of total elevation travelthat nearly twice the amount of other so called long range rifle scopes.
  • The Ti Erector Spring has been polished for two weeks to ensure perfectly smooth operation, and it is made of pure titanium. This is the only metal in the world that can be repeatedly compressed without developing fatigue or memory.
  • Zero Stop technology allows you to set and return to the exact zero point for your rifle. You will never find yourself one revolution off. The circumferential stop technology does not stretch or cause undue wear on the elevation adjustment threads as some stop ring mechanisms do.
  • The illuminated G7 rifle scope features a standard parallax turret with illumination control. The windage adjustment is non-raising, and features a dust cap to maintain positive adjustment settings.

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