GlenDel Full Rut Target
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GlenDel Full Rut Target

The GlenDel Buck Layered Target. Replicates the size of a 300 - lb. buck! Bring a true-to-life feel to target practice! Your goal is to bag the big buck... doesn't it make sense to practice on one? The GlenDel Full Rut measures an impressive 37" at the shoulders with the body of a 300-lb. buck. The super-sized open-layered insert gives you 4-sided shooting

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Product Details

The GlenDel Full Rut Target

  • A super-realistic 3-D target the actual size of a 300-lb. trophy buck
  • Vitals insert permits multiple shooting angles
  • Shoot with any kind of arrow or crossbow bolt
  • Can be shot with field points, broadheads and expandables
You want to shoot a trophy, so practice on a trophy! The GlenDel Full Rut stands 37 inches at the shoulder and towers over the competition. Oversized 12 x 12-inch open-layered Friction Foam insert features the PosiLock Compression System to hold the internal layers in place and eliminate slivering. The insert offers 4-sided shooting, is 14 inches deep, and takes broadheads, expandables, field tips and crossbow bolts. Super-REAL 3-D deer-hair look on the exterior of the target extends across the vitals for the most realistic deer target available anywhere.

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