Katadyn Vario Water Microfilter
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Katadyn Vario Water Microfilter

A member of Katadyn's Backcountry Series of water filters, the Vario Multi Flow Water Microfilter is the first water filter that is adjustable for different conditions. It combines two leading technologies into one high-performance pump: ceramic for a longer life and pleated glass fiber for easy operation. The Vario offers a high output and also contains a replaceable carbon core to keep the water tasting fresh.

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Product Details

Katadyn Vario Water Microfilter

  • The latest technology in cleanable-ceramic disks
  • A dual piston pump increases output
  • 0.3-micron glass-fiber, pleated microfilter
  • Up to 2 quarts per minute
The ultimate water filter. Combines the latest technology in cleanable-ceramic disks, and a dual piston pump that increases output. A 0.3-micron glass-fiber, pleated microfilter that removes contaminents up to 2 quarts per minute. Cartridge life expectancy is 500 gallons, depending on water quality. Includes prefilter, carry bag and cleaning pad.
Weight: 15 oz.
Height: 6-1/2".

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