Kestrel Sportsman Weather Meter w/ Applied Ballistics
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Kestrel Sportsman Weather Meter w/ Applied Ballistics

Get the "science of accuracy" with Applied Ballistics! The ideal tool for shot distances within 800 yards, the Sportsman incorporates the Applied Ballistics G1/G7 solver to deliver highly accurate solutions for long-range hunters and shooters.

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Product Details

Kestrel Sportsman Weather Meter w/ Applied Ballistics

    • Monitors ballistic and environmental factors in a variety of units
    • Measures wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity levels
    • G1/G7 solver provides spin drift, muzzle velocity tuning and more
    • Rugged water-resistant construction
Kestrel's Sportsman Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics boasts multiple weather-monitoring features in one convenient, lightweight device. The enhanced applied ballistics G1/G7 solver features aerodynamic jump, spin drift, coriolis corrections, muzzle velocity tuning and your choice of either mils, MOA or click units. Durable water-resistant construction allows it to be used in some of Mother Nature's worst conditions. Provides full environmental units which include storage and charting capabilities, as well as wind speed (current, average and maximum gust), wind direction, crosswind, temperature, humidity, pressure and altitude measurements.
5.0"L x 1.9W x 1.1D.
Wt: 4.3 oz.

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