Lyman 1200 PRO Tumbler
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Lyman 1200 PRO Tumbler

The 1200 Pro features the same capacity as our standard 1200 model at a very affordable price. The "built-in" sifter lid for quick and easy media separation saves you the cost of a separate media sifter. This economic 1200 Pro holds 2 lbs. of media and will clean up to 350 cases per cycle.

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Lyman 1200 PRO Tumbler

The worlds most popular brass cleaning and polishing systems. Nearly twice as fast as old-style rotating-barrel tumblers, their unique design allows media to constantly swirl around fully immersed cases. High-speed, agitated motion cleans and polishes every case. Inspect cases without stopping the cleaning operation. Auto-Flo Self-Separating Tumblers save time by automatically draining the media through an exit port in the bowl, leaving only polished brass. Draining takes only a couple of minutes and eliminates the need to remove the bowl and extra handling of the cleaned cases.
The 1200 Pro Tumbler is Lymans most popular tumbler. The extra-large bowl has a built-in sifter lid for fast, easy separating of brass and media when tumbling is finished. A high-profile base with built-in exciters and anti-rotation pads guarantees quicker, more consistent tumbling.

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