Mallard View Outdoors Power House Ice Eater
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Mallard View Outdoors Power House Ice Eater

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Product Details

Mallard View Outdoors Power House Ice Eater

  • Keeps the honey hole open for business
  • Mobile device circulates water
  • Includes screen kit, power cord and stand
Instead of packing it in after the freeze, waterfowlers can enjoy some of the best hunting the season has to offer. The Ice Eater offers an affordable, mobile and dependable way to keep decoys moving and the honey hole open for business. This ultimate ice-controlling tool works by pulling the warm water from below the ice and circulating it at approximately 1,400 gallons a minute. This causes water movement that in turn makes for the most lifelike decoy movement possible. When you buy the Ice Eater, you're buying time spent working the birds, not wasting it on breaking the ice. Combo includes screen kit, 100-ft. power cord and custom waterfowl stand. Runs off power cord or inverter-style generators. 1hp. 115 volts. Uses AC current.

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