Guided Montana Mountain Lion Hunt
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Guided Montana Mountain Lion Hunt

If you looking for the ultimate hunt then you have come to the right place. The thrill of chasing one of North America's deadliest predators is overwhelming. Montana hold a huge population of Mountain Lion and this outfitter is well known for his ability to put you on these big cats!!

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Western Montana Mountain Lion Hunting! 100% Success!

2011/2012 Mountain Lion (Cougar) Rifle - Handgun - Archery Hunting

This outfitter has established himself as one of the West's foremost Lion Guides. The Cougar Hunts run December through April 15. The Cougar population is at an all time high. Dogs are used for the chase on these big cats, and snowmobiles, 4-wheel drive vehicles, and snowshoes for transportation on these mountain lion hunts. Everything except your own personal lodging, gear and license is furnished. We recommend the use of a handgun, rifle or archery on cougar hunts.  100% success on hunts!

Mountain lion hunts are 7 days and retail for $4,500.00 per hunter.  The outfitter asks you to be flexible on your time schedule.  He sets up a schedule of hunts and will book you into one of those slots. However, if a hunter completes his hunt early and the conditions are perfect for hunting, he may ask you to arrive earlier than your booked time. On the other hand, if the weather is not perfect for the hunt, He may ask you to wait to arrive until the weather is better. He really want your cougar hunt to be a success and will do everything possible to assure you that it will be. The outfitter will do all the paperwork for application, or by Internet web site.

Deadline for Application is AUGUST 31st!!! The outfitter will provide area numbers to apply in.  You will need to apply at: @ for all tags.  There is about an 85% chance of drawing this tag.  If you do not draw this tag then this hunt will transfer over to 2012.  There is a 100% chance of drawing a tag on your second try. 

(For all mountain lion hunts, motel lodging may be arranged ahead, lodging is $60.00 per night single) Accommodations NOT INCLUDED in hunt price with this mountain lion hunt auction.

 ***OUTDOORSMAN Auctions assumes no responsibility for the success of this hunt.  It is a fair chase hunt and can be affected by things beyond our controll.  The outfitter used is well established and very reputable.  He will make every effort to provide you with the best hunt possible.

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