PSE Prophecy RTS 60lb Compound Bow Package
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PSE Prophecy RTS 60lb Compound Bow Package

A vision of things to come. The dictionary defines a prophesy as "a prediction of something to come". Well, the Prophesy from PSE is here and it's an incredible bow. It features past parallel limbs, a Planar Flex riser, the new Backstop 2 and the fastest single-cam ever created.

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Product Details

PSE Prophecy RTS 60lb Compound Bow Package

    • Noise- and vibration-dampening Backstop 2 string supressor
    • Straight Planar Flex riser
    • Shoots up to 340 fps
Designed for hardcore bowhunters, this bow features past-parallel limbs for reduced noise and vibration, a Planar Flex riser for added rigidity and the new Backstop 2 for string vibration control. Add in an ultraslim Raptor Grip for reduced hand torque and you have one of the most consistent shooting and fastest single-cam bows on the market. Amp cams are made of 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum for increased strength and decreased weight. With this bow's unique geometry, a larger string track improves reliability and performance. Made in USA.
Camo pattern: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.
Prophecy RTS Package includes: bow, Aries sight, QS Whisker Biscuit rest, Flexxtech camo stabilizer, Mongoose quiver, PSE neoprene sling, peep sight and string loop.

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