Primos Flat-Out Tripod Feeder
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Primos Flat-Out Tripod Feeder

The Primos Flat-Out Feeder is the most innovative design in game feeders, and will change the way you feed deer and manage you deer herd. From its easy, one-person transport and set-up, to its patented design that reveals feed levels from a distance, the Flat-Out is truly revolutionary. Ultimately, it's keeping more mature deer on your property and the Flat-Out Feeder does that by minimizing trips to check feed levels and lessening the human scent contamination around your feed site.

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Product Details

Primos Flat-Out Tripod Feeder

    • Combines collapsible convenience and digital control
    • Flat-Out segmented body for easy transport and storage
    • Auto Open-Close Spinner stays sealed until feeding time
    • Easy-to-read LCD for simple programming
    • Heavy-duty, self-locking steel tripod legs
    • Simple, tool-free assembly
This all-steel feeder combines the collapsible convenience of the Flat-Out Feeder with the digital Feed Vault spinning control unit. The Flat-Out hopper has a sturdy segmented body for low-profile transport and storage. The Feed Vault control unit has a high-torque, Auto Open-Close Spinner that stays sealed until feeding time, eliminating feed loss due to varmints, wind and foul weather. It also has an easy-to-read LCD that lets you program up to four daily feedings, each with a feed time of one-20 seconds. Heavy-duty, self-locking steel tripod legs for fast setup. Simple, tool-free assembly. Runs on a 6-volt battery (not included).
Capacity: 250 lbs.
Height: 6 ft.

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