Schumacher Speedcharge 1000 Portable Battery Charger
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Schumacher Speedcharge 1000 Portable Battery Charger

The Schumacher 1000 SpeedCharge Charger is a versitile, fast and efficient 12-volt battery charger/maintainer suitable for use with a variety of lead-acid battery types used in everything from tractors, motorcycles, jetskiis and snowmobiles, to those found in cars, trucks and SUVs.

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Schumacher Speedcharge 1000 Portable Battery Charger

Easy-to-access push-button controls and switches make these chargers user-friendly, even in low light. Display modes for charging rate and battery type. Highly portable with retractable handles. Battery clamps included.
  • Speedcharge 1000 For marine, auto, RV, farm AGM, gel-cell and deep-cycle batteries. 10-amp fast charge, 6-amp medium charge and 2-amp slow charge. 50-amp battery clamps for top- and side-mounted batteries.

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