Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Hunting & Fishing Canoe
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Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Hunting & Fishing Canoe

Combining the stability, maneuverability, and seaworthiness of a kayak with the comfort, looks, and styling of a traditional North American canoe, the Sevylor Colorado hunting and fishing canoe is ideally suited for rough waters, lakes, ocean fishing, and diving.

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Product Details

Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Hunting & Fishing Canoe

  • Two person inflatable canoe
  • Max capacity: 500 lb
  • 10'9" x 3'1"
  • 18 gauge PVC / 420D nylon cover
  • Raised bow and stern
  • Removable stern storage
  • Carry handles
  • Paddle/oar holders
  • Directional strakes
  • Durable reinforced fabric material on bottom
  • Two elevated bucket seats with storage compartments in back
  • D-rings and tie downs Included nylon carry bag
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made in China
The Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Canoe combines the stability, maneuverability and sea-worthiness of a kayak with the comfort, styling and familiarity of the traditional North American canoe. Measuring 10'9" long by 3'1" wide, the Colorado's raised bow and stern and double-hull construction make it extra-rugged and rigid, so it's ideal for rough waters, lakes, ocean, fishing and diving. This two-person canoe holds up to 500 pounds; it's made of durable 18-gauge PVC with a 420D nylon cover and a rugged, fabric-reinforced bottom. It features directional strakes for maximum steering control, and built-in oar holders. The elevated bucket seats have storage compartments in back, while the canoe also features removable stern storage. D-rings and tie-downs provide a handy place to attach extra gear. A convenient nylon carry bag is included. Guaranteed not to leak, thanks to Sevylor's exclusive Airtight System, the kayak's Double-Lock Valves prevent accidental air loss and ensure quick, easy inflation and deflation. NMMA certified.

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