Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot Pro Arrow Rest
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Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot Pro Arrow Rest

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot Pro Arrow Rests. Solid, simple, quiet and hard-hitting accurate! The aluminum-encased Sure Shot Pro may be lightweight and compact, but its got a rock-solid, dual-bolt mount and a simple design that offers quick and easy set-up.

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Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot Pro Arrow Rest

    • 300% stronger than previous models
    • Microwindage and elevation adjustments
    • Gives maximum clearance
Aluminum-encased, compact, lightweight and a whopping 300% stronger than previous models. This enhanced Whisker Biscuit also offers a rock-solid, dual-bolt mount and setscrew for an ultrasecure mounting. This setup is extremely easy; simply attach to riser mounting holes and it automatically lines up with the arrow rest. Holds arrow securely and gives maximum clearance around quivered arrows. Microwindage and elevation adjustments with nylon bushings to ease adjustments and prevent binding. Laser-engraved reference marks. Custom rubber boots silence arrow loading. Accommodates right- or left-hand shooters.

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