TURKEY FAN Turkey Blind & Decoy
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TURKEY FAN Turkey Blind & Decoy

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Product Details

TURKEY FAN Turkey Blind & Decoy

  • Limit your gear, one Turkey Fan can be used for hunting 3 ways: as a traditional blind, as a decoy, or as a mobile blind for sneaking up close to the birds
  • Lightweight construction and a handle make it easier to balance and set up than traditional bi pod or stake decoys
  • Large enough for 2 people to hide behind and folds down like an umbrella for simple storage and carrying when not in use
  • Unlike other fan decoys, the original Turkey Fan is made of a durable Nylon Poly Blend and a fiberglass frame that will hold shape season after season
  • Get your hunt on film! Go Pro compatible camera bracket is available as an additional accessory

If you can locate a gobbler, the TURKEY FAN will lure him in! The TURKEY FAN is a patent pending, revolutionary turkey decoy that allows users to experience turkey hunting like never before! It is light-weight, portable, and easy to use, and with the TURKEY FAN Camera Bracket you can easily film your hunting experience! The Turkey Fan can be used to hunt in several ways: 1. Traditionally - Set up behind the TURKEY FAN along with your decoys for up close and personal action. 2. Locate and Lure - If you see a strutter, maneuver into position, deploy the TURKEY FAN, and get ready for him to charge. 3. Spot and Stalk - For those stubborn birds that just won't commit, deploy the TURKEY FAN for an incredible pursuit!

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