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Firearm Auctions Info & Rules

All firearms transactions on OUTDOORSMAN Auctions are subject to Federal BATFE laws and regulations as well as State and Local Laws. All firearms auctioned on this site will be shipped directly from Shaw's Outdoors, Inc. (Federal Firearms License holder) to an FFL holder in the winners area, usually your local gun shop or sporting goods store.  Firearms ship by certified carrier (ups, fedex ect.) Once an auction has been won and payment has been made for the item, you must go to your local gun shop and have them send a copy of their FFL to the OUTDOORSMAN Auctions, once your gun shops FFL has been validated as current, we will ship the gun to your FFL gun shop. See below for sending info.

You will be required to go in fill out all required paperwork, pass Federal NICS background check, pay any transfer fees to your FFL dealer and take home your new gun.

This process takes less than 7 - 10 days on average.. the biggest delay is missing or incorrect personal information on your OUTDOORSMAN Auctions account.  The info provided by the winner on their account and shipping deals provided through the payment process with Paypal needs to be the same as all information you must provide to the FFl dealer when picking up your firearm.

 OUTDOORSMAN Auctions and Shaw's Outdoors, Inc. assumes no responsibility for a winners actions with any firearm won on OUTDOORSMANAuctions.com.  Also, if a winner fails to provide the proper documentation to his chosen FFL holder or cant pass a Federal NICS background check, you will not receive the won firearm, no bids will be refunded to your account and shipping charges will not be refunded.  You will receive a refund for the final auction.

FFL's need to be sent to the address below:


Shaw's Outdoors, Inc.

3531 W 3000 N

Benson, Utah 84335

Fax: 435-752-2919