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Internet Latency & Its Affects On Your Bidding

Internet latencies occur when your internet connections slows or delays temporarily.  These slows or delays can cause bidding issues when trying to bid on OUTDOORSMAN Auctions.  Slowed or delayed internet connections can cause major delays in your bids reaching our servers in a timely fashion.  They can also delay how fast you receive the information from our servers needed to make the website function correctly such as bids registering on your screen and delays and irregularities with the timer countdown.

Our site operates on the best and fastest systems available giving you the best penny auction platform available, but our systems will only perform to its best depending on your own internet speed and operating systems.  OUTDOORSMAN Auctions is not reliable or responsible for bids and auctions lost due to failure of the users internet connection or computer.

We recommend using high speed cable internet or fiber-optic internet connections.  Wireless connections, satellite connections, cellphone internet and dial-up connections are typically not very reliable and are known to have delays and latency problems.  We don't recommend using these connections while bidding on OUTDOORSMAN Auctions.

We also recommend that you use a normal desktop or laptop computer while bidding. Smartphones and tablets are often not capable of handling the large volume of updates that OUTDOORSMAN Auctions sends to keep information up-to-date. We will not be responsible for delays or inaccurate information because a tablet or smartphone was used to bid.