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How does the AutoBid work?

The AutoBid bids for you when you haven't got the time to follow a live auction or need to take a short break during an auction. Simply choose your price range and the maximum number of bids that you want the AutoBid to use. The AutoBid will then bid automatically for you within your price range.

How does the AutoBid know when to bid?
If there is just one AutoBid booked to bid in an auction, the bids will be placed automatically within your range at any point within the final ten seconds. The countdown will then reset to a maximum of 20 seconds each time a bid is placed.

If there are two or more AutoBids bidding against each other, all the consecutive AutoBid bids are placed immediately, and the price and countdown increase with each AutoBid bid placed. The countdown will extend to a maximum of 20 seconds per bid up to a maximum of 5 minutes giving you the time needed to take a short break.

All auctions will count down with no time added to the counter for bids placed before the timer has reached 5 minutes. Once the timer has reached below 5 minutes the counter will extend to a maximum of 20 seconds per bid placed and will not increase the timer beyond 5 minutes regardless of how many bids are placed. This means that once an auction has gone below 5 minutes, further bids placed will never increase the counter over 5 minutes.

Hint: Ensure that the price ranges you choose are not too close together.

You must book a minimum of 2 bids for the AutoBid to be able to bid.

  • You can only book one AutoBid at a time per auction. As soon as the first AutoBid is no longer active, you can book the next AutoBid for that given auction.
  • An AutoBid can be deleted at any point. All unused bids at the time the AutoBid is deleted will be returned to your account.

Why did the auction end before my AutoBid bids were placed?

The auction can end before your minimum AutoBid range has been reached. The AutoBid can only join the auction within the given price range. This ensures that we offer the lowest prices for our products. All unused bids will be returned to your account.  For example: If you set the minimum AutoBid range to $10.00, the AutoBid will not start bidding for you until the auction price reaches $10.00.  This means that if no one else bids, an auction can end at $9.99 with an AutoBid set to start at $10.00. 

Hint: Leave the minimum AutoBid range blank and the AutoBid will start bidding for you immediately after being set.

What happens to bids that are not used by my AutoBid?

Unused bids will be returned to your account. This can happen when your AutoBid isn't able to use all of your bids within the given price range or when the auction is won at a lower price than you instructed your AutoBid to bid between. All unused bids are returned to your account as soon as the auction ends.

Can I cancel an Autobid before it runs out of bids?

Yes, Autobids can be cancelled at anytime before or during an auction.  You can cancel your Autobid by clicking the "Cancel" button in the Autobid box of the auction that you placed the Autobid.  All remaining bids that were not used will be returned to your account.