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How does the timer work?

Time is added to the clock whenever a bid is placed. With each bid placed the timer can be reset to either 20, 15 or 10 seconds.  This allows someone else the chance to bid if they want to. It's a lot like the "Going once, Going twice, SOLD!" approach of traditional auctions. The increments of time added to the auction timer depend on the particular auction and the amount of time added decreasing the longer the auction goes on.  When the amount of time added to the timer changes from 20 to 15 and then from 15 to 10, it will be indicated by the clock image to the left of the bid button.  The timer will reset when a bid is placed.  Bids can be placed at any time during the auction up until the clock reaches zero.  After the timer reaches zero, the system allows for 3 seconds for bids that were cast before zero to reach our servers.  If a bid that was placed before the timer reached zero is received by our servers within 3 seconds after the timer reached zero, the timer will reset so that bids can be cast by other bidders.  We allow for these 3 seconds to help compensate because some internet connections are slower and bids from these connections will take longer to reach our servers.  If no bids are received once the timer reached zero and for 3 seconds after zero then the auction will end and the last bidder will be the winner!